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Road Hazard Lifetime Tyre Warranty

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At Nankang Tyre UK, we care deeply about our customers and are dedicated to delivering tyres that offer great value, durability and peace of mind. To support this philosophy, all of our tyres* are covered by our comprehensive Nankang Road Hazard Lifetime Tyre Warranty.

 As you would expect, Nankang tyres are fully guaranteed against any unlikely manufacturing defects, however the additional Nankang Road Hazard Lifetime Tyre Warranty also covers our tyres for their whole useable life against irreparable damage picked up under normal driving conditions.

So, if you are unlucky enough to damage a Nankang tyre that has been purchased through one of our registered UK dealers**, simply return the tyre to the same dealer to make a warranty claim. If the damage can be safely repaired, the dealer will do so and will charge you for the repair at their normal cost. Should the tyre be damaged to the extent that it can not be safely repaired, the Nankang UK dealer will activate the warranty process and you will receive either a brand new Nankang tyre free of charge, or a healthy discount against the purchase price of a new Nankang tyre***

 So, with this level of protection, value and peace of mind, you can be confident that Nankang tyres are a great choice!


*Warranty excludes tyres designed for track / circuit use, even where they have not been used on track / circuit.

** The warranty only covers tyres supplied to the dealer by Nankang Tyre UK

***Click here to download the warranty claim form




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