Official Nankang Tyre Distributor For the UK

  • Performance
    Harnessing the latest technology advances to deliver response, outstanding grip, all-round handling and predictability. This technology is coupled with a High Performance Tyre that offers a full complement of tyre size options within our UHP Tyre Range
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  • Comfort
    Exceptional all-round performance combining comfort, low noise and economy with wet weather excellence.
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  • 4x4 & SUV
    4x4 & SUV
    Rugged 4x4 Tyre Range for accomplished highway performance.
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  • Commercial
    Rugged dependability coupled with optimum loading capacity matched with economy and comfort.
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  • Winter
    Ultimate low-temperature control and responsive handling on ice and snow
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Nankang Tyre UK


Welcome to the Nankang Tyre UK website. We offer a range of tyres that meet every need, from ultra high performance including road, race and track days, through commuting and shopping to commercial and off-roading in the toughest environments. These are tyres for every season or condition, that come in the most comprehensive size range and not only add to your driving pleasure but above all represent exceptional value for money.


Nankang – the informed tyre choice, with optimum performance.

Comprehensive range

Whatever your kind of motoring and whatever you drive, there’s the right tyre in the right size, for you in the Nankang range. For mile after mile of comfort, for exceptional economy, for sporting performance on or off-road - in summer or winter, Nankang delivers.

Design integrity

Always ensuring the right tyre choice for every requirement, underpins Nankang design philosophy. Over 60 years experience of ongoing tyre design, research and manufacturing capability, delivers proven performance in every Nankang tyre.

Assured quality

Endorsement of Nankang quality includes Ford Motor Company Q1 certificate (1987 and 1995), E-MARK certificate (1991), ISO 9001 certificate (1994), QS -9000 certificate (1998), ISO/TS 16949 certificate (2001), Taiwan Excellence award (2012) and AMPA Innovation Award 2 for ECO-2 (2013).

Environmentally committed

Nankang’s extensive commitment to environmental issues includes the adoption of raw materials formulated to international lower pollution emissions regulations, oil-free compounds in manufacturing processes, additives to prolong tyre life and reduction of rolling resistance in production tyres.

Driving satisfaction

The Nankang philosophy ensures genuine driver satisfaction whatever the vehicle or journey. Choosing the Nankang tyre that fits your requirement has never been easier, thanks to the massive, comprehensive size range – look for the size graphic throughout the site.




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