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  • The latest Nankang performance road tyre, the NS-20 is available in a comprehensive range of 124 sizes from 185/45r15 up to 285/30r20. The NS-20 is produced with the latest in tyre technology, giving the driver complete confidence in both wet and dry conditions whilst also reducing road noise.

  • Auto Bild test results in 2012 showed that  the NS-20 is strong competition against higher value branded tyres in dry and wet braking, with the NS-20 achieving better results than that of established higher priced tyres.




NS-20 Tyre Range

T/L TIRE ONLYLoad ratingSpeed indexPATTERNRRCWet GripNoise Value (dB)Noise Class
165/35R17 NS-20 XL75VNS-20F[C]723
165/40R16 NS-20 XL73VNS-20F[C]723
165/40R17 NS-20 XL75VNS-20F[C]723
165/45R16 NS-20 XL74VNS-20F[C]723
185/35R17 NS-20 XL82VNS-20F[C]723
185/45R15 NS-2075VNS-20F[C]723
195/45R16 NS-20 XL84VNS-20F[C]722
195/50R15 NS-2082VNS-20F[C]723
195/50R16 NS-20 XL88VNS-20E[C]722
195/55R15 NS-2085VNS-20E[C]723
205/35R18 NS-20 XL81HNS-20F[C]722
205/40R16 NS-20 XL83VNS-20F[C]722
205/40R17 NS-20 XL84VNS-20F[C]722
205/40ZR17 NS-20 XL84WNS-20F[C]722
205/45R16 NS-20 XL87VNS-20E[C]722
205/45R17 NS-20 XL88VNS-20E[C]722
205/45ZR17 NS-20 XL88WNS-20E[C]722
205/50R16 NS-2087VNS-20E[C]723
205/50R17 NS-20 XL93VNS-20E[C]722
205/50ZR16 NS-2087WNS-20E[C]723
205/50ZR17 NS-20 XL93WNS-20E[C]722
205/55R15 NS-2088VNS-20E[C]723
205/55R16 NS-20 XL94VNS-20E[C]722
205/55ZR16 NS-20 XL94WNS-20E[C]722
205/55ZR17 NS-20 XL95YNS-20E[C]722
215/30ZR20 NS-20 XL82WNS-20F[C]722
215/35R18 NS-20 XL84HNS-20F[C]722
215/35ZR18 NS-20 XL84YNS-20F[C]722
215/35ZR19 NS-20 XL85YNS-20E[C]722
215/40R16 NS-20 XL86VNS-20E[C]722
215/40R17 NS-20 XL87VNS-20E[C]722
215/40ZR17 NS-20 XL87WNS-20E[C]722
215/40ZR18 NS-20 XL89WNS-20E[C]722
215/45R16 NS-20 XL90VNS-20E[C]722
215/45R17 NS-20 XL91VNS-20E[C]722
215/45ZR17 NS-20 XL91WNS-20E[C]722
215/50R17 NS-20 XL95VNS-20E[C]722
215/50ZR17 NS-20 XL95WNS-20E[C]722
215/55R16 NS-2093VNS-20E[C]723
215/55ZR16 NS-20 XL97YNS-20E[C]722
215/55R17 NS-2094VNS-20E[C]723
215/55ZR17 NS-20 XL98WNS-20E[C]722
225/30ZR20 NS-20 XL85WNS-20E[C]722
225/35ZR18 NS-20 XL87YNS-20E[C]722
225/35ZR19 NS-20 XL88YNS-20E[C]722
225/35ZR20 NS-20 XL90YNS-20E[C]722
225/40ZR18 NS-20 XL92WNS-20E[C]722
225/40ZR19 NS-20 XL93YNS-20E[C]722
225/45R17 NS-20 XL94VNS-20E[C]722
225/45ZR16 NS-2089WNS-20E[C]723
225/45ZR17 NS-20 XL94WNS-20E[C]722
225/45ZR18 NS-20 XL95WNS-20E[C]722
225/50R16 NS-20 XL96VNS-20E[C]722
225/50R17 NS-2094VNS-20E[C]723
225/50ZR16 NS-20 XL96WNS-20E[C]722
225/50ZR17 NS-20 XL98YNS-20E[C]722
225/55R16 NS-2095VNS-20E[C]723
225/55ZR16 NS-20 XL99YNS-20E[C]722
225/55R18 NS-2098VNS-20E[C]723
225/55ZR16 NS-2095WNS-20E[C]723
225/55ZR17 NS-20 XL101WNS-20E[C]722
235/30ZR20 NS-20 XL88YNS-20E[C]722
235/35ZR19 NS-20 XL91YNS-20E[C]722
235/35ZR20 NS-20 XL92WNS-20E[C]722
235/40R17 NS-2090VNS-20E[C]723
235/40ZR17 NS-2090WNS-20E[C]723
235/40ZR18 NS-20 XL95WNS-20E[C]722
235/45R17 NS-20 XL97VNS-20E[C]722
235/45ZR17 NS-20 XL97WNS-20E[C]722
235/55ZR17 NS-20 XL103WNS-20E[C]722
245/30ZR20 NS-20 XL95YNS-20E[C]722
245/30ZR22 NS-20 XL95WNS-20E[C]722
245/35ZR18 NS-20 XL92YNS-20E[C]722
245/35ZR19 NS-20 XL93YNS-20E[C]722
245/35ZR20 NS-20 XL95YNS-20E[C]722
245/40R17 NS-2091VNS-20E[C]723
245/40ZR17 NS-2091WNS-20E[C]723
245/40ZR18 NS-20 XL97WNS-20E[C]722
245/40ZR20 NS-2095YNS-20E[C]723
245/45R17 NS-2095VNS-20E[C]723
245/45ZR17 NS-20 XL99YNS-20E[C]722
245/45ZR18 NS-20 XL100WNS-20E[C]722
245/45ZR18 NS-20 XL100YNS-20E[C]722
245/45ZR19 NS-2098YNS-20E[C]723
245/50ZR18 NS-20 XL104YNS-20E[C]722
255/30ZR19 NS-20 XL91YNS-20E[C]722
255/30ZR20 NS-20 XL92YNS-20E[C]722
255/35ZR18 NS-20 XL94WNS-20E[C]722
255/35ZR19 NS-20 XL96YNS-20E[C]722
255/35ZR20 NS-20 XL97YNS-20E[C]722
255/40R17 NS-2094VNS-20E[C]722
255/40ZR17 NS-2094WNS-20E[C]722
255/40ZR19 NS-20 XL100YNS-20E[C]722
255/45ZR18 NS-2099YNS-20E[C]722
265/30ZR19 NS-20 XL93YNS-20E[C]722
265/35ZR18 NS-20 XL97YNS-20E[C]722
265/35ZR19 NS-20 XL98YNS-20E[C]722
275/30ZR19 NS-20 XL96YNS-20E[C]722
275/30ZR20 NS-20 XL97YNS-20E[C]722
275/35ZR18 NS-2095YNS-20E[C]722
275/35ZR19 NS-2096YNS-20E[C]722
275/35ZR20 NS-20 XL102YNS-20E[C]732
275/40ZR19 NS-20101YNS-20E[C]722
285/30ZR19 NS-20 XL98YNS-20E[C]721
285/30ZR20 NS-20 XL99YNS-20E[C]721
295/30ZR19 NS-20 XL100YNS-20E[C]742

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EU Tyre Labelling

EU Tyre Labelling

Fuel efficiency

Fuel EfficiencyOn the top left of the label, this shows 7 classes which range from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient), the grading indicates the tyre's contribution to fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions.

Wet grip

Wet GripOn the top left of the label, this shows 7 classes which range from A (most efficient ) to G (least efficient), the grading indicates the tyre’s contribution to fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions.

External noise

External NoiseThe grading indicates the tyre’s contribution to traffic noise and the environment. The label displays sound waves and corresponding levels ranging from 1 (least noise) to 3 (highest noise)






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