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      The TUV approved AS-2+ is the new breed of Nankang performance tyres, offering maximum grip in both dry and wet weather conditions with optimal rolling efficiency using 3D simulation software.

  • The AS-2+ is designed with wider section grooves between the tread blocks to allow the best possible drainage and water dispersion rate, whilst chamfered lateral grooves on the tread shoulder helps keep the road noise down.


  • Available in a size range from 16” up to 22” in some great sizes such as 265/30r20 and 285/35r22 and offering A/B wet grip labeling results, the AS-2+ is looking to take the market by storm.


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AS-2 Tyre Range

T/L TIRE ONLYLoad ratingSpeed indexPATTERNRRCWet GripNoise Value (dB)Noise Class
215/60R17 AS-296HAS-2E[B]712
205/50R17 AS-2 XL93VAS-2E[B]712
215/45R17 AS-2 XL91VAS-2E[B]712
225/45R17 AS-2 XL94VAS-2E[B]712
225/45ZR17 AS-2 XL94WAS-2E[B]712
245/45ZR20 AS-2 XL103YAS-2E[B]722
205/40R17 AS-2 XL84VAS-2E[B]712
225/40ZR18 AS-2 XL92YAS-2E[B]712
235/40ZR18 AS-2 XL95YAS-2E[B]712
285/35ZR22 AS-2 XL106WAS-2E[A]752
265/30ZR20 AS-2 XL94YAS-2E[A]732




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