Official Nankang Tyre Distributor For the UK


Whether you are delivering parcels on the busy streets of London or riding through the countryside on your weekend toy, there is a Nankang Motorcycle tyre to suit

WF-2 Sports

  •  The WF-2 is designed for high performance motorcycles with an improved contact patch and stiffer casing design to increase cornering stability and grip.
  •  The V-shape pattern offers excellent rigidity at high speed even at high lean angles as well as improving wet grip.
  •  The wider shoulder grooves refine the performance in high lean angles, increasing the turn in abilities.
  •  The new semi-slick compound needs a shorter warm up time to allow maximum performance from the minute you set off.
  •  The WF-2 utilizes a dual compound formula with the centre tread aimed at increasing stability, comfort and longevity whilst the shoulder is designed to offer ultimate grip and ride confidence.

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WF-1 Touring

  •  Design:

The pattern of the front tire enhances cornering stability and handling. The central groove is for better draining and reducing the possibility of hydroplaning whilst the V-shaped lug will guide the water to the center and decrease the water splash.

 The main task of the rear tire is stability, comfort and endurance. The center rib will efficiently improve not only the comfort but also give more stability. Moreover, the wider TDW will effectively lengthen tire duration whilst the 2 wing pattern increases the performance of cornering and water drainage.

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