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  • In order to get the better drainage efficiency, two straight broad grooves are applied on the outside. To enhance the safety on the wet ground, the stream in the middle groove is used to accumulate the water with the assistance of fine sipe bar to divert the water for safer drive.
  • To increase cornering force on the outside,the shoulder uses high rigidity designed pattern to strengthen cornering force and enhance the steering ability.
  • Unique straight groove designed on the shoulder can give the whole tread look more rigid and prevent it from irregular wear.
  • The evenly thin sipe design can reduce the road impact and enhance the comfort when driving.


AS-1 Tyre Range

T/L TIRE ONLYLoad ratingSpeed indexPATTERNRRCWet GripNoise Value (dB)Noise Class
135/70R15 AS-1 70TAS-1F[C]713
145/65R15 AS-1 72VAS-1F[C]713
155/55R14 AS-1 69VAS-1F[C]713
155/60R15 AS-1 74VAS-1F[C]713
155/65R14 AS-1 75VAS-1F[C]713
165/35R18 AS-1 XL82VAS-1F[C]712
165/45R15 AS-1 68VAS-1G[C]713
165/45R17 AS-1 XL75VAS-1F[C]712
165/50R16 AS-1 75VAS-1F[C]713
165/55R14 AS-1 72VAS-1F[C]713
165/55R15 AS-1 75VAS-1F[C]713
165/60R14 AS-1 75HAS-1F[C]713
165/65R15 AS-1 81TAS-1F[C]713
175/50R13 AS-1 72VAS-1F[C]713
175/55R15 AS-1 77VAS-1F[C]713
175/60R15 AS-1 81HAS-1F[C]713
195/40R17 AS-1 XL81HAS-1F[C]712
195/40ZR17 AS-1 XL81WAS-1F[C]712
195/45R17 AS-1 XL85HAS-1F[C]712
195/55R15 AS-1 85VAS-1F[C]712
195/55R16 AS-1 87VAS-1E[C]712
195/60R15 AS-1 88HAS-1E[C]712
195/60R16 AS-1 89HAS-1E[C]712
205/40R18 AS-1 XL86HAS-1E[C]712
205/40ZR18 AS-1 82WAS-1F[C]712
205/55R16 AS-1 91VAS-1E[C]712
205/55R17 AS-1 91VAS-1E[C]712
205/65R15 AS-1 95HAS-1E[C]712
205/65R16 AS-1 95HAS-1E[C]712
215/45R17 AS-1 XL91VAS-1E[C]712
215/45R18 AS-1 XL93HAS-1E[C]712
215/50R17 AS-1 91VAS-1E[C]712
215/55R17 AS-1 94VAS-1E[C]712
215/60R17 AS-1 96HAS-1E[C]712
215/65R16 AS-1 98HAS-1E[C]712
225/40ZR18 AS-1 XL92YAS-1E[C]712
225/45ZR17 AS-1 XL94WAS-1E[C]712
225/45ZR18 AS-1 XL95WAS-1E[C]712
225/45ZR19 AS-1 XL96WAS-1E[C]712
225/50R17 AS-1 94VAS-1E[C]712
225/55R17 AS-1 XL101VAS-1E[C]712
225/55ZR19 AS-1 99YAS-1E[C]712
225/60ZR18 AS-1 100WAS-1E[C]712
235/40ZR18 AS-1 XL95YAS-1E[C]712
235/40ZR19 AS-1 XL96YAS-1E[C]712
235/45ZR18 AS-1 XL98WAS-1E[C]712
235/50R17 AS-1 96VAS-1E[C]712
235/50ZR18 AS-1 97WAS-1E[C]712
245/35ZR21 AS-1 XL96YAS-1E[C]712
245/40ZR18 AS-1 XL97YAS-1E[C]712
245/45ZR18 AS-1 XL100WAS-1E[C]712
245/50R18 AS-1 XL104TAS-1E[C]712
255/30ZR21 AS-1 XL93YAS-1E[C]732
255/35ZR18 AS-1 XL94WAS-1E[C]712
255/40ZR18 AS-1 XL99YAS-1E[C]712
255/40ZR19 AS-1 XL100YAS-1E[C]712
255/45ZR18 AS-1 XL103YAS-1E[C]712
255/45ZR20 AS-1 XL105WAS-1E[C]712
265/40ZR18 AS-1 XL101YAS-1E[C]743
265/40ZR20 AS-1 XL104YAS-1E[C]743
265/60R18 AS-1 110HAS-1E[C]743
275/40ZR18 AS-1 99WAS-1E[C]743
275/40ZR20 AS-1 XL106YAS-1E[C]743
285/30ZR21 AS-1 XL100YAS-1E[C]742
295/35ZR21 AS-1 XL107YAS-1E[C]742
315/35ZR20 AS-1 XL110YAS-1E[C]742

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EU Tyre Labelling

EU Tyre Labelling

Fuel efficiency

Fuel EfficiencyOn the top left of the label, this shows 7 classes which range from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient), the grading indicates the tyre's contribution to fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions.

Wet grip

Wet GripOn the top left of the label, this shows 7 classes which range from A (most efficient ) to G (least efficient), the grading indicates the tyre’s contribution to fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions.

External noise

External NoiseThe grading indicates the tyre’s contribution to traffic noise and the environment. The label displays sound waves and corresponding levels ranging from 1 (least noise) to 3 (highest noise)






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