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Nankang NS-2R named as control tyre for Civic Cup Championship

Nankang partner 2015 Tegiwa Civic Cup

Nankang Tyre UK is proud to partner the Tegiwa Civic Cup Championship for 2015. The Championship is a crowd favourite with very well prepared cars competing on a very close grid which combines all models of the Honda Civic from the EK9 up to the latest FN2 chassis.

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Nankang tested with the championship towards the end of 2014 with the NS-2R road legal track day tyre. The testing showed that the tyre was more than capable in both dry and wet conditions, offering substantially better wet weather performance and far exceeding the longevity over the championships 2014 tyre choice.

The Tegiwa Civic Cup will be entering its 5th year as a standalone one make championship with a very long future ahead, Nankang Tyre UK are looking to assist the profile of the championship for 2015 with media and track side support over the season.

Civic Cup owner Shaun Woods commented ‘After testing on various Brands and both wet and dry the NS-2R outperformed the competition on each level, the feedback from the test drivers was fantastic too all giving great reviews on grip and pace, when we were happy with the performance we then had a look at the costs and for us it was no question this is the best all round value for money track tyre available today’.

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For more information on the Tegiwa Civic Cup click >>here<<




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