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Nankang UK showcase brand at Autosport 2015

Autosport 2015 proved to be a great success once again for Nankang Tyre UK, showcasing the Nankang brand to 84,500 motorsport enthusiasts.

2015’s show was a chance for Nankang to show off the 2015 motorsport line up, with the motorsport activities increasing for the year.


Nankang once again chose a 4 car stand however the design changed from previous years to allow the stand to become more open and welcoming, using an open display area displaying the latest Nankang products with everything from the new ECO-2+ and AS-2 road tyres, Commercial CW-20 and SUV SP-7 to the road legal track day tyre NS-2R.

On the stand this year, Nankang Tyre UK introduced the new 2015 championships who will be using the NS-2R road legal track tyre.

First of which is the BMW Compact Cup Championship, with two championships, one based in England, one in Scotland containing over 120 cars between them who will be using the NS-2R 180 compound which proved itself am worthy tyre against the competition in testing.

Secondly, Nankang introduced the Tegiwa Civic Cup, host to 24 cars from the early Honda Civic EK9 to the EP3 and the new FN2 chassis using the softer 120 compound NS-2R which proved to suit the car very well in pre-season testing.

On top of this, the 2015 Fun Cup Championship car now owned by Nankang Tyre UK was placed on the stand, the Endurance series is a real test for the NS-2R, with the cars needing maximum grip and high longevity over a 4 or 6 hour races. They utilize the 180 compound for optimum grip and maximum tyre life. 

Last but in no means least, Nankang could not have a stand at the Autosport show without including the truly epic 1111bhp Toyota Supra of SATS Motorsport. The car which is designed to be able to compete in various disciplines will be looking to prove itself in 2015 as a true all rounder, competing in the Toyota Sprint Series as well as other sprint challenges as well as being more than comfortable competing in door on door action in The British Drift Championship against the best the UK has to offer. 

With the Autosport show now finished, Nankang Tyre UK’s motorsport division are looking forward to the race season ahead. 




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