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Nankang NS-2R named as control tyre for FunCup Championship for second consecutive year


Nankang Tyre UK are proud to announce partnership with FunCup, naming the NS-2R as the control tyre for the championship for the second consecutive year.


Tyre Manufacturer Nankang UK is delighted to announce a second year of partnership with the Fun Cup championship, for the 2015 season.


Previously, all cars ran on Uniroyal tyres, since the Fun Cup's inception into the UK in 2002. However, the move to the NS-2R Nankang road legal track tyres which was mandatory on all 60 plus Fun Cup UK cars from the start of the 2014 season has proved to be a great success.


Nankang initially expressed an interest in joining forces with the championship, at the end of 2013. The next step was a tyre test at Donington Park on the 7th February, 2014, where a Fun Cup car ran non-stop (apart from re-fuelling and driver changes) for the full day, testing the tyres for grip and durability; the day was deemed a great success.


Championship Director, Paul Rose, on the continuation of the partnership said: " It was evident from the start of the test that the NS-2R were not only quicker, but most importantly,  extremely durable" he also commented “2014 proved the NS-2R to be a race worthy tyre, of which we are very happy to be moving forward with into the 2015 season”

He added: "Over the 2014 season, our teams saved money on the cost of the tyres. So, it's a win-win situation for all teams involved".

Nankang's Managing Director, Steve Smith, said: “2014 proved to be a successful year for the NS-2R in the Funcup, proving the NS-2R to be a race worthy tyre choice. Our plans for the NS-2R withstanding the 6 hour endurance race proved successful, with the NS-2R out lasting and outperforming its predecessor”.

The Funcup season begins again 4th April at Silverstone International circuit.

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