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Nankang NS-2R delivers ultimate on-track performance

NS-2R.jpgMeet the UHP Track Day tyre that ticks all the boxes.

We all know that track days are the ultimate test for UHP rubber. Super soft and grippy equals great fun but high wear, while hard compounds frequently won’t warm up and let us exploit our car’s full potential. We are all looking for a tyre that promises genuine performance – without breaking the bank or melting our plastic?

Here’s the great news! From Nankang comes the affordable but uncompromised answer in the shape of the NS-2R UHP road legal Track Day tyre. There are two grip levels to choose from: 180 is the STREET/DRIFT tyre and 120 the FAST ROAD/TRACK tyre. The optimized tread width design has a 13% wider contact patch than regular tyre design to improve high-speed stability. Continuous tread shoulder design enhances tyre stiffness, ensuring cornering precision and grip. Wet weather performance is enhanced by the three main circumferential grooves on the central tread that improve drainage efficiency and handling(.) The key Nankang element is durability, however hard the tyre is pushed. Its fundamental engineering and structure ensures that it will perform long and hard on what are frequently abrasive track surfaces.

Sounds good? Here are the winning facts. The NS-2R UHP Track Day tyre is available in a range of sizes from 13”-18”, 35 to 60 series V, W and Y-rated. The best news is that these are tyres that offer the best possible combination of choice, increasing size range options and longevity and, best of all, are cost-effective on the pocket.

Prices for the NS-2R

175/50r13 from £80.00

185/60r13 from £75.00

185/60r14 from £79.99

195/50r15 from £75.00

195/55r15 from £72.00

205/45r16 from £94.99

205/55r16 from £80.00

215/45r17 from £94.99

225/45r17 from £94.99

235/40r17 from £94.99

235/45r17 from £115.00

255/40r17 from £115.00

225/40r18 from £108.00

235/40r18 from £115.00

255/35r18 from £135.00

265/35r18 from £145.00

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